We sell both kinds of medication Brand and Generic.
Brand name medicines are manufactured mainly for research & development, advertising, and marketing. On the other hand, generic medicines do not have to invest in any of the above-mentioned fields. The chemical formula is the main requisite to manufacture any generic medicines. However, keeping the provisions contained in the US Food and Drugs…
We offer two ways of shipping: Express Mail Service (EMS) which takes15 – 30 business days and Priority fast shipment which takes 7 – 15 business days via USPS. Orders’ shipment can be tracked live from the USPS site 24*7 for which tracking number which will be provided within 24hrs after the order has been placed. Orders shipping from our company rarely got lost, damaged or stuck in customs. However, in such instances, we offer re-shipping with 100% free of cost.
If the order is lost and stuck in customs customer request for the refund. Procedure will be instantly processed and the amount to be refunded will be credited back to you within 4 -5 business days depending upon your credit card company or bank.
We accepts following payment methods Cash app Bitcoin Western Union Paypal Bank transfer
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